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Ambisense has been driving innovation within the environmental space. Our vision is to transform how environmental risks are assessed and managed through the use of advanced analytics. To deliver this, we empower our clients with the best in class environmental insights harnessed through automated data collection, analysis, machine learning and AI. These enable our customers to make evidence-based decisions in-real time at significantly lower cost.
ApisProtect is uses in-hive sensors to unobtrusively monitor honey bee colonies and prevent losses. Science driven, healthy bees.ApisProtect is inspired by proven research from academia. ApisProtect is inspired by proven research from academia. In 2013 Fiona Edwards Murphy began her doctoral research into the application of sensors and networking in honey bee hives. The project received international recognition, including at least 8 academic publications, awards from the Irish Research Council, the IEEE, IBM, The Irish Laboratory Awards, and Google, as well as extensive international media attention. Most recently awarded the Sodexo WMB Female Newcomer Award 2018.
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AYLIEN is an AI, NLP & Machine Learning startup based in Dublin, Ireland. We provide Text Analysis & News API's that allow users to make sense of human-generated content at scale. We provide a range of content analysis solutions to businesses, developers, data scientists, marketers, and academics. Our core offerings include packages of Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing APIs.
Coras enables customers to purchase tickets they want from the sites they already use.
CroíValve is an early-stage medical device company developing a unique transcatheter device to repair the tricuspid valve.
Danalto uses LPWAN expertise to connect enterprises and organisations with devices to bring actionable insights in order to save costs and / or generate revenue
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equal1.labs has been developing silicon-based quantum computer technology since 2017 in collaboration with the University College Dublin. We have our hardware development laboratories in Fremont California and our silicon design center at NovaUCD in Dublin, Ireland.
KASTUS®​ technologies prevent the spread of harmful bacteria on ceramic, glass and metal surfaces worldwide. KASTUS® coating solutions are applied to the surface material in the final stage of production. The value-adding technologies carry a range of additional benefits, including scratch, chemical, and stain resistance, non-toxic, no visible changes to the surface and permanent surface protection. Founded in Dublin in 2013, KASTUS®'​ technologies have been in development for over 10 years as part of a collaboration with Dublin Institute of Technology. KASTUS® was developed in response to government, industry & healthcare requests to help reduce the spread of antibiotic-resistant infections, specifically those caused by bacteria and fungus surviving on surfaces and indoor environment.
Manna is a Drone Delivery Service “in a box” for dark kitchens and restaurant chains. Its aviation-grade drones fly at 80 km/h and provide a guaranteed 3 minute delivery time to the local neighbourhood. By providing and operating a channel-agnostic fleet of drones, Manna allows its food partners to provide drone delivery for all their distribution channels – direct and indirect, and can operate deliveries for a fraction of the cost of human-powered road-based delivery. Manna is regulated by the relevant aviation regulatory bodies in Europe and USA.
Neurent Medical is a medical device company based in Ireland’s MedTech cluster in Galway. Neurent Medical is developing a minimally invasive treatment for Rhinitis, a condition affecting millions of people worldwide.
Secure and privacy-preserving data sharing will be the most impactful accelerator of business success.
OneProjects is a medtech startup developing next generation AI driven devices to treat cardiac arrhythmia